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Privacy Policy

J-Film reserves the right to collect and store personal information including user's name, e-mail address, and postal address provided upon receipt of e-mail inquiries via this Website.

Use of Personal Information

Personal information provided by the user upon use of this Website shall be used for the purpose of responding to customer inquiries. J-Film shall notify the user in advance when it is required to use personal information beyond the scope set forth above. The user shall reserve the right to refuse use of their personal information beyond the scope set forth above.

Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

With the exception of the following items, J-Film shall not disclose personal information provided by users to a third party.

  1. When J-Film acquires authorization from the user for the disclosure of their personal information to a third party
  2. When personal information is to be disclosed in a format in which it is impossible to identify a particular individual
  3. When personal information is to be disclosed, within the scope required to achieve their intended purpose of use, to a third party such as a subcontractor with which J-Film has entered into a non-disclosure agreement
  4. When disclosure of said personal information is required by law or a legally binding request

Inquiries Regarding Personal Information

Please forward any inquiries you may have concerning personal information to:
J-Film Corporation

E-mail Inquiries

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