Thermal laminating film - LAMI-TACK-

Thermal laminating film for printing

Lami-Tack, BOPP film coated with polyolefin resin by our own original technology, is a film for thermal lamination and can be laminated onto printed paper, synthetic paper and plastic film using the equipment of thermal lamination.


Non-solvent Type

Since Lami-Tack does not require solvent type adhesive, color of printing ink does not change on printed material after laminated. Also, the operator is not exposed to health and fire hazards.

Excellent glossy surface

Due to show better adhesion onto paper, Lami-Tack results excellent glossy surface finish than films laminated with solvent type adhesives. Lami-Tack also provides a superior finish on printed areas, especially dark(coloured)areas.

Shorter operation times and labour savings

Lami-Tack lamination does not require coating with an of adhesive layer, so the formulation of adhesive, process control, preparation and cleaning are not necessary leading to shorter operation time and labour savings. Adhesive coaters, dryers and organic solvent collection are also not necessary, so less equipment and less energy are required.

Conventional solvent laminator can be used

Since Lami-Tack can be laminated onto printed paper by thermal pressing process, conventional solvent lamination can be employed without adhesives. Due to show the strong initial adhesion, adhesive strength can be checked promptly after lamination and tunnel phenomena or swelling can be prevented.

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