LAMI-TACK - Directions for using Lami-tack

Lami-Tack is designed for thermal laminating of paper materials. Users are recommended to conduct preliminary quality tests before use on other materials.

Processing conditions Lami-tack

  1. Lami-Tack can be laminated at 90 to 130? but it is recommended to determine the suitable temperature bufore use, as the finish varies depending on the type of paper and machinery.
  2. Above 70% of the maximum adhesive strength will be obtained immediately after lamination. The maximum adhesive strength will be obtained after one week.
  3. For applications where ruled lines are required, it is recommended to confirm the finish by a preliminary test.
  4. It is recommended to confilm the adhesive strength before use as it varies depending on the type of paper and ink.
  5. Ensure ink is completely dry before applying the film to printed materials. Particular care should be taken to ensure the ink is completely dry on solid or double-sided printing materials.
    Please note that application while the ink is still wet may affect the initial laminate strength. Solvents in the ink may also affect the adhesive resin surface and result in reduced adhesion.
  6. In order to prevent blocking, users are recommended to use non-treated Lami-Tack for double-sided printing materials and other non-processed materials (stamped or embossed materials etc.).

Usage environment for Lami Tack

Due to the nature of the film, Lami-Tack should not be used as a weather resistant material (light and water resistant) and is not designed for outdoor use. Please note that use in wet environments in particular (outdoors, areas of condensation etc.) may result in peeling.

How to store Lami-Tack

Since Lami-Tack adheres at low temperatures, avoid storing it at high temperatures or in a holizontal position.

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